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The Israeli Volunteering Council – A Role for Every Citizen!

‘The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive’

Albert Einstein


The Israeli Volunteering Council leads the volunteering arena in Israel. The council promotes volunteering in cooperation with government ministries, local authorities, NGO’s and the business sector in Israel and around the world. The Council’s mission is to develop data based infrastructure in order to advance volunteering in four key areas.

  • The research unit develops tools and promotes policy change by combining theory, practice, research, and implementation to improve the quality of volunteering, expand the existing infrastructure, and advance volunteer management.
  • The Strategic Development unit assesses the impact of volunteering activities, brings recognition through national awards (such as the Israeli President’s award for volunteering and ministerial awards).
  • The School for Volunteering trains volunteer managers in municipal, social and business organizations as well as personal consulting and aid in their mission of establishing, improving and strengthening their volunteer communities.
  • The Council develops volunteer programs that address national needs.

The Council serves thousands  of volunteering managers and professionals every year, who in turn serve hundreds of thousands of individuals from all religions and sectors. The councils’ professional staff also teaches volunteer management courses for undergraduate and graduate students in several colleges and universities in Israel.

Internationally, the Council is a member of the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), participates in international conferences, knowledge development forums and professional exchanges.

The Council’s Target Audiences are organizations that engage volunteers: government ministries, local authorities, corporations, non-profit-organizations and social entrepreneurs in Israel and abroad.

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