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Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews

The Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews (IAEJ) is a non-profit organization working to further the cause of equal access to educational and employment opportunities for all Ethiopian Israelis.

Based in Jerusalem, with field workers in a number of other cities, IAEJ takes a four-pronged approach towards advancing the absorption and integration of Ethiopian immigrants into mainstream Israeli society:

1. Skilled Advocacy: IAEJ lobbies on behalf of Ethiopian rights to influence policy decisions, and works with Members of Knesset and government ministries to educate them about barriers to successful integration.
2. Strategic Planning: IAEJ helps create and sustain an empowered citizenry, working with a network of community leaders to advocate for Ethiopian Israelis at the local and national level, and vis-ג-vis Jews in the Diaspora. We also provide training, resources, and guidance to community development coalitions.
3. Research and Analysis: IAEJ is the community authority on Ethiopian absorption. We provide up-to-the-minute statistics and information to support advocacy efforts and policy planning.
4. Legal Aid: IAEJ utilizes the legal system to assist Ethiopian Israelis on a wide range of subjects including, but not limited to education, National Insurance, housing, rights infringements, financial support and general legal aid.

The Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews (IAEJ) was redefined and established in 1993 by Rabbi Micha Odenheimer, following the groundbreaking work done by its American founder Dr. Graenum Berger. Beginning in 1969, he and his colleagues were the visionary force behind the bringing of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, finally accomplished in 1991. Today, many of the same pioneers of the "operations" are still serving in different capacities within the Association. Our mission has become focused on the integration of the community within Israeli society as the next step in the struggle.

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